How a Coaching Conversation is Different

A coaching conversation is different than a regular speaking exchange. Rather than listening to answer, coaches listen to hear. A coach is trained to listen for stories, patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from moving forward and living your life in a way that allows you to feel vibrant, in control and … Continue reading How a Coaching Conversation is Different

Change Is Difficult But Worth It!

“Change can be hard.It requires no extra effort to settle for the same old thing.Auto-pilot keeps us locked into past patterns.But, transforming your life? That requires, courage, commitment and effort.It’s tempting to stay camped in the zone of That’s-Just-How-It-Is.But to get to the really good stuff in life, you have to be willing to become … Continue reading Change Is Difficult But Worth It!

A First Step Towards Breaking Old Patterns.

Most of your healing journey will be about unlearning the patterns of self-protection patterns that once kept you safe.-Vironika TugalevaI have been doing a lot of self-work of late and was motivated to share some inspiration…The more I coach others and allow myself to be coached, the more I uncover and discover about myself and … Continue reading A First Step Towards Breaking Old Patterns.

The Power Of Intention

In early January of this year, amidst all the goal setting and declarations of New Year's resolutions,  there was abundant chatter over choosing 'your word' for 2020. Did you pick one?  Mine is Intention. Intention can be defined as:  a thing intended; an aim or plan.  Synonyms include: objective, goal, target, plan, wish, desire, ambition, idea, … Continue reading The Power Of Intention

Why A Life Coach?

Is there an area of your life that feels blocked or neglected?  Do you feel like something is missing or perhaps that things aren't quite balanced?  Do you feel like there is a lack of flow in a particular facet of your life? Would you like to make some changes but are not quite sure … Continue reading Why A Life Coach?