Change Is Difficult But Worth It!

“Change can be hard.
It requires no extra effort to settle for the same old thing.
Auto-pilot keeps us locked into past patterns.
But, transforming your life? That requires, courage, commitment and effort.
It’s tempting to stay camped in the zone of That’s-Just-How-It-Is.
But to get to the really good stuff in life, you have to be willing to become an explorer and adventurer.”
-John Mark Green

I love love love this quote because I have lived it.

Once upon a time not so long ago, I arrived at a place where I recognized I was going in the wrong direction for far too long and finally decided to get off that train and change tracks.

It’s never too late to change tracks…

I honestly had no clue what to do next but it felt so good to be off that damn train.

I knew I was tired of feeling badly, feeling frustrated, feeling unfulfilled…simply put, I was MISALIGNED from my true self!

Although it was extremely challenging to leave the station on a new train, I felt at my core that I was moving in the right direction and that ‘knowing’ brought me peace despite the hard work and uncertainty.

I found the courage to take control of my life journey. I found the strength to change my life experience from the inside out.

You don’t need to keep going in a direction that doesn’t serve you anymore. Believe me.

Whatever it is you want to change, it starts with a conversation that brings light to what isn’t working anymore…together we can discover what is within YOUR control to improve your experience.

Being heard and given the space to explore is often times all the impetus you need to start shifting…..

I can meet you at your station 🌱


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