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5 Week Self-Discovery Package 

This package offers 5 sessions where you will look at where you are currently in your life and discover where you would like to go.  You will breakdown your life into parts and examine how each component is contributing to your current life experience and will set goals and intentions to improve that experience with new clarity and purpose.

10 Week Quest For Wellness Package

This package offers 10 sessions where you will look at where you are currently in your life and discover what is important to you to achieving a feeling of overall wellness.  Based on a holistic approach, these sessions are geared towards a recognition that all the parts of your life are interconnected and contributing to your current life experience.  You will explore how to balance & distribute your energy among these parts to increase the flow & functionality of your life experience as a whole.

20 Week Journey to Empowerment Package

This package offers 20 sessions where you will be able to truly transform the way you approach your life.  Your journey will begin with an exploration of where you are currently in your life and what may have brought you to this point.  As you examine the one or more areas of your life where you are seeking more satisfaction, you will begin to create a vision of what you would like your life to look and feel like. 

You will set both short-term & long-term goals that support that vision and will determine what is within your power to achieve them. 

As you begin to feel progress in the areas you are working on, you will intuitively start to recognize the immense personal power that exists within you.  This recognition will fuel your motivation to dig deeper within yourself and continue removing the layers of  limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been holding you back from living your true potential.  This process will sooner than later unveil a feeling of freedom that only comes from feeling confidently self-empowered.   

This journey will bring you to the place where you make new intentional choices; where life has more flow; where life feels more comfortable; where you can navigate life’s stuff with more freedom, ease and control.

*We can co-create a custom coaching package that suits your needs and budget*

What You Get With Each Coaching Package:

  • Free 30 Minute Exploration Call
  • Weekly 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching sessions via Zoom video conferencing (number of sessions dependent on your package).
  • ‘Your session in review’ post session notes sent to you via email which will include a recap of your short-term & long-term goals, the actions within your power and corresponding Action Plan.
  • Homework tailored to support your goals including worksheets, exercises and suggested reading material.
  • Support as needed via email. 

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