Fifty is an ‘F’ word

So I’ve started attending several 50th birthday parties of late. It is that period in my life where the people in my entourage are transferring over into the next decade. The Fifties!!!!




Although I am still teetering on the edge of my forties; hanging on by a tiny little itsy bitsy thread, I can hear and feel that ‘F’ word coming.




It’s so unfathomable that it is that close. I just can’t believe it!

I have lived more than half my life. I am without a doubt middle aged and now is the time to get really friggin’ serious about what the rest of my beautiful precious life is going to look like.

I certainly know what I don’t like. The contrast of what I don’t like has brought me to a place where I am certain (most days) of what I do like. I am grateful for the feeling of freedom that has enveloped me and allows me to flow in any direction I wish depending on my mood, energy level and desire.

I revel in this feeling of freedom which I’m sure is a consequence of being (just about) 50.

I am uninhibited. I am daring. I am honest with myself. I am real. I was not any of these things as a young girl. Gosh it feels good to be free.

Fifty is a heavy ‘F’ word.


Fifty is FUN

Fifty is FREEDOM ~ the freedom to unapologetically be myself and be ok with it all.

Let’s go my 50’s warriors! We’ve got this!


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