Practicing Non-Attachment

The tighter the grip, the more we can feel restricted, blocked and unfree.The journey to becoming conscious and aware allows us to loosen our grip (attachment) to how our lives ‘SHOULD’ be and shifts us to a place where we work with where we ARE and how we want to BE.The energy of ATTRACTION is … Continue reading Practicing Non-Attachment

Teacher turned Life Coach-Why this works!

Hello cherished readers, It’s been a minute since my last introduction.If you’ve been following me over the last few years you will have been witness to my shift from Spiritual Fashionista to Holistic Life Coach.It has been nothing short of a challenging & liberating unfolding for which I remain forever committed to and grateful for.My … Continue reading Teacher turned Life Coach-Why this works!

What Lies Beyond Fear?

I took this photo over the summer during one of my outings to the old port of my city.I try to consistently take pictures of places and things I find to be beautiful when I’m out and about never quite knowing how I will use them to create inspirational content.Today, as I scrolled through my … Continue reading What Lies Beyond Fear?

You Are Not Your Ego

We do not need to keep slipping into familiar, dysfunctional reaction patterns to situations and people.We do not need to remain stuck. We do not need to keep experiencing our lives in this cycle.There is a way out.Learning how to turn off the auto-pilot feature of our lives comes with the awareness that we are … Continue reading You Are Not Your Ego

Releasing Attachment From Your Past

Everything that has happened in our lives has happened for a reason to move us along in our growth and awareness journey.It all happened in the correct time sequence and could not have of unfolded any other way.We made decisions along the way based on who we were THEN.We reacted in ways that we may … Continue reading Releasing Attachment From Your Past