The Perfect Life

Is there any such thing as the perfect life?

Have you ever met anyone that goes through life without stress, insecurities, hurdles and burdens?

You have not.

I have not.

The perfect life (as most people define it) does not exist.

Life truly is what you make of it.  It is always a matter of perspective.  It is always how you look at a situation that will make the difference in how you experience it.  Life is about learning.  Life is about growing. Life is about embracing the lessons.

When you go through tough stuff, always remember to extract the lesson.

Don’t lose the lesson…

This has been my go to phrase over the last couple of years.  It can be very soothing to repeat this to yourself during times that are not so perfect.

“What is this here to teach me?” is way more productive than, “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

The ‘thing’ that is going on is your teacher.  This teacher is here to take you by the hand to bring you to your next level. Every state of discomfort is that same teacher nudging you to elevate yourself.  If you don’t follow along, you lose the lesson.  Take the time to learn what the teacher has brought to you.  Take the time to consider how this can change you for the better.

The perfect life is the one rich with lessons.  It is one where the teacher was welcomed and appreciated.  Your ability to shift your perspective from victim to student in any given situation is what will propel you towards your perfect life.


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