Monday Motivation

Time to start a new week! What have you changed or added to your daily routine that has made you feel successful? Is there something you have wanted to change or improve about your life? Real change involves consistency and diligence. It requires commitment on a daily basis. Just some food for thought and a … Continue reading Monday Motivation

What Would This Chapter Of Your Life Be Called?

This question came up on my social media feed today and I stopped and thought about it. I had a real hard time coming up with a title that accurately represented where I am in my life right now. I wanted to choose a title that was upbeat with a hint of melancholy that represented … Continue reading What Would This Chapter Of Your Life Be Called?

A Daily Motivation.

I recently went to an annual family luncheon and as we were chatting about the last year and life and resolutions and revelations, Lina says, "I just wanna get through each day in a nice way." The conversation kept moving along and I said, "Wait.. what? Say that last thing again!" So she says, "What … Continue reading A Daily Motivation.