A Visualization of your Journey to Empowerment

What an empowerment journey looks like through the life of a peony…

She begins her process as a little burgundy shoot peeking through the recently thawed earth. (This is the nudge or a thought or a feeling that something needs to change).

Slowly she pushes upwards growing a little more everyday developing lush green foliage with nothing but the tiniest little bulb emerging from the greenery. (This is the talking about it, exploring it, feeling it, moving towards action).

Your transformation is taking shape…

Each day with the warmth of the sunshine and a little water (your commitment to doing the work), the bulb gets bigger and stronger and her true colors (authentic you) start to make an appearance and anyone that sees her can see something amazing is unfolding. (You have set your intentions and are beginning to shift).

Making beautiful progress…

Layer by layer, this perfect bulb begins to loosen its petals and one by one she starts to open and share what’s she’s been working on and developing on the inside. (Your thoughts and actions are becoming congruent and you are harnessing your personal power).

It’s happening….

When the time comes for her to graciously open and release herself from what kept her closed (limiting beliefs), she feels the freedom (confidence) to share her majestic unique beauty (your true self) and glory (your gifts) with the world.

You’re doing it!!!!

Her bloom is lush and rich and hearty and bold. She moves freely in the breeze and basks in the sunshine living her best life that she worked so diligently to achieve. (She knows how to do it now).

Welcome to your power!

What she needed to bloom was within her all along!

You can do it too…I promise!

This power is within all of us.  We just need to claim it!


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