Releasing Attachment From Your Past

Everything that has happened in our lives has happened for a reason to move us along in our growth and awareness journey.

It all happened in the correct time sequence and could not have of unfolded any other way.

We made decisions along the way based on who we were THEN.

We reacted in ways that we may or may not like based on who we were THEN.

THEN is done

THEN is gone

We can do nothing to change THEN

Let’s look at the NOW

Who are you NOW?

What do you like about you NOW?

What is possible with the human being you have become and ARE right NOW?

FORGIVE, ACCEPT & EMBRACE all that you were THEN with the emotional & physical resources that you had within and around you.

You did your best

It’s ok

You’re ok

You’re more than ok

You are an amazing, capable, whole and resilient human living out your life in the best way you know NOW.

When you allow yourself to connect to this idea, you WILL finally begin to #LiveItAllBetter ™️ and that is the goal for you and for everyone around you 🌿
When you’re better, everything is better 🌎


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