You Are Not Your Ego

We do not need to keep slipping into familiar, dysfunctional reaction patterns to situations and people.

We do not need to remain stuck.

We do not need to keep experiencing our lives in this cycle.

There is a way out.

Learning how to turn off the auto-pilot feature of our lives comes with the awareness that we are separate from our egos and that we have the power to choose how we will move through our lives.

Our ego isn’t a bad thing and it has actually done a super job at protecting us over the course of our lives so that we could cope and deal and survive.

Thank you ego

I see you

I hear you


From now on, when I’m feeling triggered, I am going to stop, pause and observe what you want to do and say in this moment and then decide whether I am going to allow it or not.

I am aware that you want to protect me but your methods no longer align with who I AM and who I want to BE.

My awareness of you allows me to take a step away from you and choose differently.

This witnessing allows me to make choices that improve the way that I experience my life and gives me the grace I need to #LiveItAllBetter ™️

I invite you to pause and have this conversation with your ego next time you feel a strong emotion (trigger) as a result of a situation or conversation. Let it know who is in charge and make a decision that aligns with who you are now and the vision that you have for your precious life.


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