Your True Essence


This is what you need to get to.

This is what you need to release.

This is what needs your permission to BE.

This is what makes you YOU.

This is what the world needs to witness.

As the definition reads, you would not exist without it.

Your true essence is your SOUL…it is the core YOU of YOU💫

To get to it and unleash the FREEDOM that comes with that takes a ton of inner work and an unlearning of so so much.

It requires a firm decision to make the journey.

It requires the commitment to do the work required to peel back layer after layer meeting the feelings and emotions that show up under each one head on.

It is a journey towards personal accountability and the recognition that healing yourself is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s the recognition that AWARENESS brings change and change is tough but LIBERATING.

It’s the acceptance that this will become a lifelong journey.

This quest is self-love at its finest that builds self-confidence, acceptance and personal resilience.

Connecting to your true essence is the gateway to living your best life.

It is this sacred connection that WILL allow you to #LiveItAllBetter ™️


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