A Child’s Wish For 2021

It’s a New Year!

The perfect time to talk about visions and goals; even with kids! It is never too early to get kids on board with exploring how they can improve their life experience and encouraging them to recognize that they have the power to do so!

It’s about fostering a Growth Mindset early on in the hopes that the children of today will develop into and become the empowered open minded adults of tomorrow.

Last week marked the first week back for in school learning. I decided to jump right in with talks of new year resolutions and goals for self-betterment from grades 1 through 6.

Kids are so honest and clear about where and how they can improve. It was a joy to hear about all their thoughts and feelings.

One little guy in particular stood out from the bunch with his passionate vision and hope for the new year.

As a teacher, the focus is how and what I can teach to children but in this line of work, it has been my experience that children often have the capacity to teach me so much more!

Enjoy the powerful message friends!

My recent interview with a passionate 7 year old advocate for World Peace.


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