What Lies Beyond Fear?

I took this photo over the summer during one of my outings to the old port of my city.

I try to consistently take pictures of places and things I find to be beautiful when I’m out and about never quite knowing how I will use them to create inspirational content.

Today, as I scrolled through my pics, this elegant gate got me thinking about how we so often hold ourselves back from experiencing the beauty that lies beyond our self-imposed barriers 😔

Fear of the unknown is so incredibly destabilizing and is the single most powerful hindrance to our ability to move through our lives with a feeling of freedom.

If we could somehow connect to the notion that at one time every single thing in our lives was unknown and unfamiliar yet we were somehow able to walk through it, overcome it, survive it, often thrive and grow through it, then perhaps the fear would no longer be so big and disconcerting.

We cannot continue to grow our minds and connect to our true spirit essence if we do not continuously choose to walk into the unknown and unfamiliar. There is so much more that we don’t know than we do know.

To continue our growth journey is to consciously be open to what we don’t know… does this make sense?

We CAN open our elegant gates and take small steps to begin experiencing what lies beyond them.



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