Tasting The Bitter To Appreciate The Sweet

Life is all about contrast…

You require the contrast of what you don’t want so that you can figure out and decide what you do want.

You need to experience some sorrow to be able to revel in the happiness.

You have to live a little chaos to value and seek out the peace.

Maybe you need to live with a little regret so that you take the initiative to live your life in a new and better way.

Perhaps you need to experience a little loss to appreciate what you have.

Living in contrast helps refine our likes and dislikes.  Experiencing what you don’t want puts you in a position to know what you do want.  Each new contrast brings with it a wealth of knowledge about yourself, about your life, about your journey.

What if your own inner being is guiding you to contrast for the benefit of the clarity it will bring?


I invite you to embrace future negative experiences and ask yourself what they are here to teach you? Consider that maybe, just maybe they are like little guiding catapults projecting you towards a better, happier, calmer, peaceful life.


2 thoughts on “Tasting The Bitter To Appreciate The Sweet

  1. This is actually an extremely good perspective. I think I’m going to use this idea in the future!

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