Hurricane Melancholy

This weekend, my baby boy will attend his high school prom.

What?????  “Say that again slowly.”  I say to myself with a deep sigh.

I say it again and sit dumbfounded.  Thoughts begin to swirl like a hurricane picking up force in my brain. Another visit from hurricane Melancholy. The storm of sadness that comes to visit me now and again.

Two things make this situation ludicrous.  The first is how can a young woman such as myself (cough/wink) possibly have both of my offspring done with high school???

The second is that I’m not sure where the time went.  I know I was there with him and I travelled alongside him through elementary and now high school.  I watched him grow, learn and transition into early manhood.  It wasn’t my first rodeo.  I watched his big sister do it all before him.   I knew it was coming. Yet still, I’m not sure how it all happened.  It kind of came and went and is now on the precipice of becoming a mental movie reel stored in my memory bank.  Like really?

“Yes really!”  I affirm to myself determined not to cry.   I try to talk myself down from hurricane Melancholy; subconsciously hoping that my positive self-talk will take the role of a bunker that will protect me from the figurative gales and emotional waves. Who are we kidding? This storm will probably hit…

The last couple of years or so have brought with them many episodes of hurricane Melancholy. Changing family dynamics with older children and the window into the next phase of my life have caused the ‘winds’ of this hurricane to pick up many times.

The first few storm winds really caught me off guard. I was kinda standing in the eye without even so much as a flimsy umbrella. I sat there unprotected; the storm hit, it soaked me and it sucked.

I’ve done a little work on myself in his area and here are the things I now say to myself when emotional weather conditions call for a storm.

1. Change is part of life. Trying to stop change only causes frustration. I need to flow with it.

2. I will make the choice not to be upset about things that are beyond my control.

3. I am grateful for all the good in my life.

That’s it…

Those 3 little statements have worked miracles in my ability to deal with hurricane Melancholy.

She may hit me with a few gusts this weekend as I watch my baby boy step out of the limo in his suit and his date on his arm. Don’t even get me started on the storm conditions during the mother son dance….but…. it’s all good…. I can handle it ….

Life goes on… life is good!



4 thoughts on “Hurricane Melancholy

  1. Another quote I use as a reminder when hurricane Melancholy strikes:
    Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be ~ Abraham Lincoln
    I have often reminded myself that happiness really IS a decision one makes. Because ultimately in the long run and bigger picture of how one chooses to live ones’ life, a precious gift, is that one can choose to wallow or can take charge, overcome, and choose happiness.
    It’s a powerful thing when you realize how immeasurably YOU are in charge of your life’s attitude!

  2. I’m already feeling choked up and wanna cry imaging my son going through this big part of his teen age like ( thank god I still have two years to get ready ) god give you the strength and courage to stand by him on such s glorious day .

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