Hurricane Melancholy

This weekend, my baby boy will attend his high school prom. What?????  "Say that again slowly."  I say to myself with a deep sigh. I say it again and sit dumbfounded.  Thoughts begin to swirl like a hurricane picking up force in my brain. Another visit from hurricane Melancholy. The storm of sadness that comes to visit me now and again. Two things … Continue reading Hurricane Melancholy

It’s Not Fair! A Parent’s Ultimate Challenge.

It's not fair!!! If you've got kids, you've heard this line more than once.  When they are little, it's about the colour of the juice cup and how many goldfish crackers are on the plastic snack plate.  When they are adolescents and beyond, it's about spending quality time, rules and money. What's fair is not … Continue reading It’s Not Fair! A Parent’s Ultimate Challenge.