The Power Of Intention

In early January of this year, amidst all the goal setting and declarations of New Year’s resolutions,  there was abundant chatter over choosing ‘your word’ for 2020. Did you pick one?  Mine is Intention.

Intention can be defined as:  a thing intended; an aim or plan.  Synonyms include: objective, goal, target, plan, wish, desire, ambition, idea, dream, aspiration, hope.

When you stop to ask yourself what your intention (insert synonym) is for every area of your life, every area of your life becomes less rote and automatic and your actions become more deliberate.  When you insert a moment of forethought into your conversations and behaviors and question what the intention is, things can begin to shift.

Let’s explore further.  If your intention is to be healthier, then you will have to make various choices throughout the day/week to support that intention.  Before eating an unhealthy snack, for example, you may take a moment to ask yourself if this aligns with your intention.  Before deciding that you are too tired to take a walk/exercise, question if this will keep you on track with your new plan.  Taking that moment before you act and questioning if it aligns with your goal and making a deliberate choice thereafter, is adding that level of intention that will get you to where you want to be.

Intentions provide a framework for you to set your priorities, to use your time and energies wisely and will serve to keep you moving towards your purpose.

Once this moment of forethought becomes a habit, it can be applied to every facet of your life.  Watch how conversations change, how behaviors change and how you come to feel more in control of your life experience.

Life coaching can help with creating awareness around an area of your life that requires attention.  A life coach enters a conversation with the intention of helping you explore your goals and guides you towards setting intentions that are unique to you and helps move you towards living your best life.  

The power of intention is within you!




2 thoughts on “The Power Of Intention

  1. Intention is such a powerful word- envelops so much! Love that this is your word. It really does push towards the goal- Thanks Susie!

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