Maintaining a Positive Quarantine Mindset

Today marks the start of Quarantine Week 5.

I feel blessed that everyone in my entourage is healthy to date as we all remain isolated to protect our most vulnerable and to support our amazing health heroes.

I imagine for many of you, as was the case for me, the abrupt onset of quarantine was met with mixed thoughts and emotions.  It has taken approximately a month for me to learn how to navigate all these mixed feelings ranging from fear and uncertainty to boredom and frustration.  Once the dust of confusion and occasional panic settled, it became a little easier (and necessary) to focus on what is really essential and slowly transition into a place of acceptance.

Acceptance is such a key element to moving forward in a peaceful and productive way.

Accept – then act.  Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it, not against it…This will miraculously transform your whole life.

-Echhart Tolle

This acceptance mindset allowed me to start looking for creative ways to make the best of the situation. Creating and maintaining a routine and structure throughout the day has worked wonders in being able to get through the days in a positive way.  Quarantine has also allowed for a slower pace and time to settle into the present moment. I am now developing a new appreciation for the small daily activities I had taken for granted for so long and often rushed through to get to the next thing.  For many of us, our daily schedules won’t resume regular programming until the quarantine restrictions lift thereby granting us some precious extra time that we would have not otherwise been afforded.  More time – what a  treasured commodity.

Acceptance ultimately sets the stage for gratitude.  It has been my experience that once you start looking at what you are grateful for, there is very little room for negativity.

I would like to say that I have the best intentions to carry this new mindset with me into post-quarantine living.  It has been said that you need to do something new consistently for at least 21 days for it to become a habit.  Perhaps this period of change and reflection will be just enough time to teach me how to take the time to truly enjoy all the little things which in the end are all the big things and ultimately the only things that matter in this life.

Wishing you all health, peace of mind and a grateful heart.



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