Getting Hygge With It.

My life has been quite Hygge of late… {hoo-guh}

The Danish term/lifestyle refers to all things cozy and comfortable. It embodies a feeling of contentment, well-being and enjoyment of the simple things in life. My bestie introduced the concept to me last winter. She is queen Hygge!

Wool socks, knitted scarves, blankets, candles,  hot tea in a beloved mug, hearty soup on the stove, family close by sprinkled with relaxed moments with cherished friends. That’s Hygge!

This feeling/ambiance is defining my winter this year.  I’ve tried to make peace with the temperature readings of -25 degrees Celsius for days.  I’m enveloping myself in the warmth and coziness of my surroundings.

New Year’s Day 2018 was the ultimate Hygge day for me – I went to my sister in law’s house for a plate of pasta at lunch in my leggings and wool wear and ended up staying ’till late evening.  The food was homemade, simple and yummy.  We chatted and laughed and had too much delicious coffee.  I spent a good part of the day knitting, the teens did puzzles, the fire was on, candles were lit, we talked about life and the overall feeling was cozy and warm where all was well in our world.  What a way to start a new year!

The Danish folk got this one right.

Hygge life is unhurried , warm and simple.  It nourishes your soul.  Winter time is prime Hygge time but enjoying simple pleasures should be yearlong.  Every season has its beauty.  The dark and cold of winter can be a beautiful thing. It’s what you make of it.  Embrace the cold outside by upping the cozy factor inside.  Make homemade food, light candles, wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket, hang out with the people you love, read a good book or knit or play a board game. Nothing fancy just marvellously simplistic.  Hygge life is a thing… and its good for you!


2 thoughts on “Getting Hygge With It.

  1. What an uplifting post and a beautiful way to embrace this bitterly cold winter, Susie. I will definitely begin to practice Hygge. ❤️

  2. Very well said Susie!Hygge is exactly how I felt over these past two bitterly cold weeks. Family, pyjama days, board games, hot coffee, tea, and hot chocolate….. simplicity, warmth, coziness, and love. Can’t beat that!

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