The Joy Of Knitting

This will be my second winter season of knitting. I started last fall to see if I would like it. Turns out I love it! I am a good knitter – by no means a great knitter.  I am self-taught on the needles with the help of Youtube.  You can learn how to do so many things on Youtube.  I learned how to cook a turkey, beach wave curl my hair, get wine stains out, repair things, bake things, make things and create things – so cool.

Back to knitting

I’ve managed to master several stitches: the knit, the purl, the seed, the stockinette, the rib and broken rib.  I’m feeling pretty good about my 20 or so finished products.  My first knit was a grey 100% wool knit stitch scarf which warms the neck of my firstborn during our harsh Canadian winters.  I’ve made a couple of ponchos, many cowls, scarves and most recently my first baby blanket for a dear friend’s baby.

I’ve discovered that I love having a project to work on.  My needles and yarn are always waiting for me either first thing in the morning or after the day’s work is all done.   I sit and knit with a hot cup of tea.  As I stitch and my hands are busy, my mind gets to go over all the thoughts and events of the day, week, month, year… I think and mull and cope and imagine…I find this very soothing…a meditation of sorts.  Sometimes I get visitors that come sit with me and we chat and exchange and laugh… therapy for all.

I recently searched and found some specialty yarn shops which have opened a whole new dimension to my craft offering incredibly beautiful yarns with unique dyes and textures.

It’s nice to have a hobby…life is good.


2 thoughts on “The Joy Of Knitting

  1. Beautiful! It’s nice to have a hobby that calms and relaxes you. Not only are you creating beautiful knitwear, but also feeding your soul.

  2. I tried knitting a while ago… wasn’t too good at it. My scarves were lopsided and I would get frustrated, so I stopped. Glad you find it relaxing…If you are bored, feel free to surprise me with something. 😄

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