Why A Life Coach?

Is there an area of your life that feels blocked or neglected?  Do you feel like something is missing or perhaps that things aren’t quite balanced?  Do you feel like there is a lack of flow in a particular facet of your life? Would you like to make some changes but are not quite sure of how and where to start?

A coach can help.

Differing from other helping professions that presume a hierarchy, coaching is a partnership of equals where the coach invites reflection and helps to unlock and release information that already exists within the client. A coach helps people explore, discover and live their full potential.

Rather than offer up advice, a coach acts as a guide under the premise that “the mind that holds the problem holds the solution” @NancyKline.

Coaches inspire increased self-esteem, increased resourcefulness and the client gains the confidence to trust their intuition the next time they are faced with a problem.”

Nathalie Blais – Canada Coaching Academy

A coach is trained to listen objectively and hold space for their client.  A coach helps to create awareness thus creating opportunities for their client to make new choices which in turn serve to empower them.

An effective coach enters the relationship with a client with a commitment to make it all about them – helping to bring “light to blind spots” @NathalieBlais, in a safe, judgement-free, confidential environment.

A life coach can help you discover your best life and live it with joy!





5 thoughts on “Why A Life Coach?

  1. Thanks for the email! I hope it is going well for you. Much to discuss.

    Happy Easter 🐣!!!!
    Hope it is an enjoyable day even though it will be a quiet gathering. I quite like hanging out with my three guys.


  2. Well said, Susie! It’s so important for everyone to live their best life and you will do an amazing job as a life coach helping people get there.

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