Find Balance By Letting Go

Living a life of balance…

What does this mean to you?  Can you look back on your life experiences and reflect on the times that were very trying and arduous?  What was going on?  Most likely, there was a lack of balance attached to the experience.  The life scale was likely weighed down to one side leaving little time or energy to focus on the rest.

I can think of many such periods during my life.  There were many times that the scales were off balance and misery ensued. These were uncomfortable times because our bodies, minds and spirits inherently seek balance- a place where it all feels aligned- a most challenging feat.

Learning to let go can be a good place to start on your quest for balance.  We need to let go of what we think something or someone should be our how it should go.  The more we remain attached to the ‘shoulds’ the more the scale remains off balance.  Through letting go, whatever is dragging the weight down disproportionately will magically lift.

Self-love plays a major role in our ability to let go.  If you are doing everything you can in a bad situation to improve it and you are working within your capacity with the physical and emotional resources available to you right now (when we know better, we do better) then that is enough.  Try to be gentle with yourself; try to let it go.  The situation will pass-everything passes-nothing is static but change.  Worries, insecurities and doubts will always lurk.  Your ability to acknowledge them without allowing them to consume you will help you find your balance.

Every human needs nurturing to achieve balance.  This nurturing begins and ends with you. Learn to let it go and let nature take its course-letting the universe do its thing and breathe.  This is the only way the scales will ever re-align.  You will also feel more in control.  Anything to an extreme rarely delivers a feeling of balance.  Everything in moderation with a healthy dose of self-love and acceptance will give way to a renewed feeling of equilibrium.


One thought on “Find Balance By Letting Go

  1. Wise words. What comes to mind at the end is that doing less in one area means achieving more in another.
    Thank you!

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