How Rich Are You?

I am not talking about money and material possessions. I’m talking about the people and human connections that make up the daily fabric of your life.

Have you done your calculations? How many genuine reciprocal nourishing relationships do you have in your life? The answer you find does not need to be about quantity but rather about quality.

Good relationships contribute to good health. They can help reduce stress. They can help us navigate through life’s hurdles. We are social beings. People need people.

I am blessedly rich in this area. I have several soft places to land in times of struggle. I have people in my life with whom I can be my ridiculous self and feel loved. I nurture these relationships with attention and sincerity and it makes me feel good and feeling good is good for you.

Good friends and human connections are part of life’s greatest gifts. They don’t cost a thing and can make you feel like a million bucks!


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