Annette. K

I was going through one of those phases- you know the ones: where you feel a little lost and unable to make decisions, where your thoughts are racing in so many directions that you just don’t know which way to turn. Where your life just feels “stuck”. Coaching with Susie allowed me to sort through the noise in my head and actually achieve some clarity around what I actually wanted. Her empathy and patience as we worked through my thoughts and feelings gave me the freedom to express myself without fear of judgment or pressure. Susie’s insight and intelligence were so helpful in identifying what was actually preventing me from taking the actions I needed to, and in developing the resolve and confidence to take those steps. My ongoing work with Susie has allowed me to change the direction of my mindset and now I am seeing that shift is starting to bring me more of the results I was hoping for. I absolutely recommend Susie as a coach who can make a difference! -Annette. K