The Death of Worrying About Death

Death….so morbid…

Whether it happens quick or drags on too long, it is morbid…

Death is also inevitable…it is how this life will end for each and everyone of us…

No one gets out of here alive….


As a young person, I worried about death a lot.  I worried about my own death and the death of everyone I loved…It’s scary, it’s final, it’s terrible…

As I have gathered more years, death is still morbid to me but I have become more accepting and understanding of the concept.  I am better able to accept this system whereby everyone that comes into this world must one day leave it.  We didn’t create this system and we cannot control this system.  I was speaking to my sister-in-law about this the other night and she said that some comfort can be derived from this lack of control.  I would have to agree.  You cannot stress about something that you cannot control and sitting and trying to imagine the how and the when of it is wasted energy.

So what is the solution to this death thing?  How do we stop worrying and start living?

There are so many inspirational quotes out there about how to live…

Live like everyday is your last

Don’t forget to live before you die

Are you really living life or just paying bills until you die?

Don’t die before you’re dead

The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to enjoy

We all have two lives; the second one starts when we realize we only have one

Of course, the answer to how to live will be different for everyone.  The spirit of how we all live however,  should be the same.

We must live in such ways that eliminate that nasty haunting feeling of regret.

It is all about regret and not having any.

The real question we must all ask ourselves is, “Am I living my life so that at the end of my days (and that could be anytime because I can’t control that) I will have NO REGRETS?”

That is the ultimate question…

I choose to stop worrying about death – today will be the death of that…

I will no longer worry about death which I can do nothing about. Rather, I choose to live my life in a way where there will be very few regrets…

That is something I can do something about…


7 thoughts on “The Death of Worrying About Death

  1. Hi Susie .. nice blog article again. What a coincidence I had again posted a similar post on laughs out loud and here you too have the same subject matter, of living the life, in a way that there are no regrets.
    I would like to further add as per our Hindu beliefs and Vedas we all believe that we are all guests here for a specific period of time in the physical form , but after death our souls take rebirth and into another body. But whatever you do good ,bad etc your karmas continue with your soul for the final destination of moksha.So never be afraid of death and don’t look at it in a morbid way .It is the gateway to your spiritual growth and final attainment of moksha ( freedom from life cycle of births and deaths ).

    1. I love the idea of a rebirth from one life to another… it provides much comfort…I also love the idea of death being a spiritual growth gateway…beautiful! Thank you for the comment and information 🙂

  2. Well said Susie. Life is precious, death is definitely morbid, but I’ll be working on burying death..and living life knowing we are dying (with or without pain) also gives a lightness to it all. That this is in fact all temporary, we are just here in passing and hopefully we can leave some joy, a lesson, an inspiration behind to those who remain 😊 ✌🏻

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