10 Minute Morning Yoga

If you are not already a yoga fan, I hope this blog post will inspire you to give it a whirl.

Regular participation in the ancient practice has increased my flexibility, strengthened my core, shaped my triceps (all those chaturangas), deepened my breathing, and lifted my a**! Beyond the physical benefits, yoga has helped me become more mentally present and centered. I feel more grounded and able to deal with each day. I’m telling you, that Savasana pose at the end of the practice works wonders!

Do you yoga?  Why not try it out? If you’re not sure where to begin, may I recommend starting your yoga journey by looking at video tutorials on Youtube.  There are enough yoga channels and videos for everyone on the web from the newbie beginner to the advanced yogi.  All you need is a mat, some wifi and you’re good to go!

After a little exploring, I found a couple of yoga instructors that I enjoyed watching and listening to. I looked for someone with a soothing voice that had a good following with considerable experience.  My absolute favorite yoga Youtuber is Tim Senesi:


Tim is knowledgeable, calm, easy to follow and gives valuable tips throughout to help avoid injury. I have yoga’d with Tim for a little over 2 years now, and am proud to call myself an intermediate yogi.

I recently began to integrate a quick daily yoga fix into my morning routine. After my piping hot coffee, I roll out my mat and do a few quick poses to energize me for the day. This 15 minute yoga flow from Tim is a great place to start:

As you become more familiar with the practice, you can easily modify this and do the poses that work best for your body and fit them into 10 minutes.

I promise, a little goes a long way. In no time you will see and feel the difference!

Namaste 🙏🏼

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