Embracing Change

Change… the only constant in life.

It has been suggested that it is not the strongest of the species that survives but rather the most adaptable to change.

So true

Holding on to old beliefs, thought processes, should haves, would haves, if onlys and fighting to control a situation is limiting. Moving through a situation rather than fighting against it allows for more movement and helps to create a life that is more fluid – more peaceful. This means feeling (good and bad) and acknowledging (good and bad) and allowing yourself to experience the situation (good and bad) fully and accepting the inevitable changes that come with it.

Each new happening in our lives is an invitation to grow and learn about ourselves and others. Replacing, “why is this happening to me?” with, “what is this trying to teach me?” can change our entire perception and experience.

Constant change is inevitable. The ebb and flow of life is always at our feet. We’d be best to move with it rather than putting our precious energies into the futile attempt of building a dam to stop it.

Go with and live the flow friends….


One thought on “Embracing Change

  1. This was good to read today! Considering all the changes I have been through this week!

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