Setting The Tone

It’s all in the way you say it.

Texting someone has more often than not become the more popular choice when it comes to reaching out to someone. Although texting is very quick and convenient, often times, when communicating this way, there can be miscommunication due to the inability to detect the tone of the message. Setting the tone of your message can often be achieved through attaching an Emoji or Bitmoji or a lot of punctuation or extra letters.   Tone is very importantttt!!!! Lol 😉

The tone of our communication affects our relationships both personally and professionally.  Getting your message across in a refined, respectful manner is a practiced art.   Some people have this down…others not so much.  Self-control and appropriate emotional regulation are key elements here.  How rattled you allow yourself to become in a discussion often affects your ability to stay calm and deliver your ideas with respect and diplomacy.  It is fine to disagree and offer up an opposing opinion as long as you leave the other person with their dignity intact.   The simplest example of this is when you yell at someone to do something versus asking politely and giving them the opportunity to get it done.

You’ll catch more flies with honey…

Try paying more attention to the tone of your messages both virtually and face to face and see how it affects your daily interactions with others.

The art of diplomacy is sending someone to hell

and having them look forward to the trip!


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