Your Inner Voice-Are You Listening?

Your inner voice, your sixth sense, your gut feeling, your intuition – these terms all kind of mean the same thing.  They all refer to that voice, that guide, that ‘feeling’ within you that should never be ignored.

You may have first experienced this voice or intuition when you were a child and a person, place or situation just didn’t ‘feel’ right.  As you got older, this feeling may have been the impetus behind several life decisions and different directions your life may have taken.  Your may have consulted your gut on many occasions and chances are, if you were really paying attention, it didn’t steer you wrong.

I am a firm believer in the universe and its powers.  If you’ve read my earlier blogs and those that know me know that I believe we attract what we’re ready for and if it’s meant to be it will be.  If you put a question and/or desire ‘out there’, you will get a response.  You may not get it today or tomorrow but be patient and the universe will deliver.  As you become aware of the fact that you have put a request or intention out there, the experience of receiving becomes very empowering.  The mere fact that you are entertaining an idea puts the universe in motion to deliver – the delivery can be positive or negative so be careful of what intention you are putting out there.  Thoughts are energy, feelings are energy.  Positive thoughts breed positive feelings which breed positive energy.  The opposite is also true so be conscious of your thoughts.   It is a wonderful experience to be open and aware and able to recognize what each new day can bring.

The universe uses our inner voice as a channel to guide us.  Very often I have been in a situation where a decision had to be made but I was not comfortable and I didn’t ‘feel’ ready to decide.  In such situations, I’ve learned to wait – I put my question/intention/desires/dilemma ‘out there’ and I wait.  When the guidance comes and a decision ‘feels’ right, I go for it – if it feels off, I nix it and move on.

This is a valuable tool we all have in our possession.  We just need to learn to tap into it.  I believe as we become more self-aware and more present the tool becomes more accessible.  This is a skill we can teach children as well.  We can teach them to consult their feelings and be true to themselves.  It helps to build self-awareness.  It allows them the chance to develop the ability to look within and consult self and acknowledge feelings, thoughts and readiness to do or not.  Even a very young child can tell you if something feels right or wrong to them.  This expansion of self-awareness helps to build self-confidence and as many of us can attest, self -confidence is the key to everything.

I am comforted by this gift – a birthright of sorts.  My inner voice, my intuition, my life guide…I am listening – are you?

The universe guides us and we should abide…

For when we are open, we can hear the voice inside…

It whispers gently to guide our way…

We are given this gift to use everyday!



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