2 Simple Steps To A Successful Purge!

To purge or not to purge-there is no question!

STUFF…all kinds of stuff…we all have it in drawers, in cupboards, in closets and in boxes.  Stuff accumulates and grows exponentially as the years go by.  The more space you have, the more stuff you have.  The more people living in your space, the more stuff there is.  How do you stay on top of all your stuff?!

As an on my way but not there yet empty nester, I see the need to downsize my ‘stuff’ stockpile.  I have accumulated a TON of stuff over the years.  Two teenagers, a husband and me.  As a group we have years and years of clothes, shoes, toys and everything you can think of under the sun that goes into living a life as a family in a country with four distinct seasons- our ‘stuff’ was doing me in.

Although I generally keep a tidy house and there is some semblance of organization around here, my closets and storage nooks told a different tale. This ‘stuff’ in the background always low key bothered me but I didn’t discover the pleasure of purging until last weekend.  My daughter is really good at getting rid of ‘stuff’.  After watching her rip through her closet and drawers last month in 30 minutes flat- casually removing and discarding all items not used/worn in the last year, I was mesmerized!  Her space went from clutter to calm, messy to organized, stuffed to liberated.  When I asked her how she did it so fast and with such ease she said, “It’s simple mom, I don’t use any of it!”  Simple indeed.  I decided to use this strategy on 1 single messy ‘stuff’ drawer and cleared it in less than 5 minutes….I was hooked.

Last weekend, I got hubs on board the purging train. We went through our stuff faster than teenagers eat pizza and by days end, order was restored in several closets.  We freed up space- we saw space we forgot we had- said spaces were tidy, organized and clean.  A ton of bags were dropped off for the less fortunate who will likely get to use the ‘stuff’.

2 steps to a successful purging session

1. Ask yourself if you use the item in question

2. If you don’t use it, chuck it

Forget the mindset of  ‘I may need it in the future’.  This creates packrat syndrome-I’m pretty sure that’s a thing. Trust me, you won’t miss what you don’t use and clarity of space lends to clarity of mind.  I can’t tell you how much easier it is to find and use the ‘stuff’ that remains.  I can see it, I can get to it and the organization brings with it a feeling of calm.

Simple is always best.


3 thoughts on “2 Simple Steps To A Successful Purge!

  1. It’s hysterical how the universe works, isn’t it? Today got up, nice and early, to continue my quest for freedom– namely freedom from the overwhelming “stuff” that crowd my closets. And, as I’m prone to do, I veered off task into avoidance or as my reasoning called it: took a break. Yes, Susie’s Blog… I just HAD to read it! (Thanks for telling me of it Suz/Zoe! 😉 )
    I actually laughed out loud with the the first blog (this one) I started to read. (I then went backwards into the archives and read them in order.)
    Susie, I binge-read them all and loved, loved, loved each for different reasons. (Being that I am a newbie to your blog this comment will be rather long, but I hope to be less wordy in my following comments from here on in.)
    Susie, what makes your blog so engaging is that it is so relatable. Your reader can easily take a segment from it and see herself in it; Hey, I’m just like that too… Or pluck a nugget of what’s helped or worked for you and apply it for herself. (therapy: peace of mind)
    Today’s mantra for me is: clarity of space lends to clarity of mind. And I’m sticking to it!!! Now, which closet was it “I took a break from”??

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