September…A Time Of Renewal

Ahh…the harvest moon….

For me, as must be for many others I’m sure, late August brings feelings of a fresh start approaching, a new beginning, a clean slate if you may.  I don’t know if it is the shorter days that the end of summer brings or the knowing that routine will soon again be upon us- or both.  Regardless, I love the feeling I get every year at this time.

I felt this way even as a young school girl.  While many of my peers dreaded the end of lazy free summer days, I welcomed the crisp air and going back to it all…school, friends, routine, hot days and chilly nights.

As a young mother, late August was ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ (think Andy Williams Christmas tune).   A time that little feet would be in new running shoes and little shoulders would sport new knapsacks filled with sharpened pencils, clean notebooks and I would once again have days to myself- at least until 3pm.

Today, as a slightly (and I mean very slight) older mom and teacher, August represents a re-ordering of things.  The summer days with no schedules (which are so lovely), give way to structured days and weeks filled with wonderful colleagues and hundreds of little people to interact with daily.  Meals and activities are thought out in advance, workouts scheduled, downtime valued and let’s not overlook the jubilance that Fridays bring.

For me, a new year begins every September not January.  I’m grateful for this yearly transition to the new and the fresh.  Macintosh apple anyone?

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

-F. Scott Fitzgerald-


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