Find Joy In The Mundane.

Life moves so very quickly and it seems we are all rushing to do, to see, to get, to accomplish.  Why this rush?  What’s the hurry?

“The journey is the destination” another beloved quote of mine.  I actually typed it out in a fancy font and printed it and framed it.  It sits on the wall next to my closet to remind me to enjoy every part of everyday.  Not always easy but I try.

There is no ‘let me get it all done so I can enjoy later’.  There is no such thing.  That idea may be nice in theory but it only exists as an idea-in the future.  Your life is now.  Only now.  When you get to tomorrow that too will be now.

The idea is to love your everyday.  Set up your life so that there is joy in your mundane.  Create a life that nourishes you.  That may very well include a rush or some hurry and if that’s what feeds you then go for it.  Whatever you do, make sure it contributes to your sense of contentment and peace of mind.

There is no destination.  The journey is the destination….


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