How We Talk To Ourselves…Why Self-Love Is The Key To It All.

When you feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually it’s usually a good day.  How do we get to that place and how can we stay there as long as possible?  The struggle is real.

Overly simplified, it all boils down to self-love and how we talk to ourselves.  When you were a kid and you messed up, how did the adult(s) in your life react?  Was it a reprimand and a criticism or was it an, “it’s ok, we all make mistakes”?

This simple either or response to mistakes can be largely responsible for how we started to establish our self-love and self-dialogue.  Don’t judge your patents too harshly; unfortunately parenting doesn’t come with a handbook.

As we mature, our self-talk in every situation either serves to build our chip away at our confidence.  How we talk to ourselves on the daily is one of the most powerful tools we have in reducing our anxiety and in helping us to deal with everyday struggles.  When we react to our shortcomings with an acceptance and an, “I’ll try better next time” attitude, we are less inclined to focus on the negative and more likely to move forward.  We need to recognize and take responsibility for our behaviors and try our best to turn the page and move on! One of the best gifts you can give yourself in any given situation is unconditional love.  Be gentle with yourself even when you mess up.

This has happened to me countless times at home with my family.  Be it hormones, hunger or boredom, I have been less than gracious in my verbal exchanges with hubby and the kids.  My reactions and responses have involved disproportionate outbursts and a little profanity.  “You’re crazy!! is usually what comes back!  Am I crazy? Probably more so than I would like to admit.  However, admit I do… and when my emotions resume normalcy, I own my behaviour and apologize.  More than apologizing to others, I apologize to myself.  I give myself some TLC and say, “it’s ok” and truth be said, it is ok.  We all mess up and as long as we don’t lose the lesson we grow.

This coping strategy to deal with mistakes and showing ourselves self-love helps to nurture our confidence.  As we accept ourselves and our shortcomings, so do those around us.  We are able to earn the respect of others by respecting ourselves.  As a result, we feel better emotionally.  When we feel well emotionally, we tend to feel better physically.

We all just want to feel good.  This begins with how we talk to ourselves!

How do you talk to yourself?


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